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Many entrepreneurs fail because they do not have access to financial help to enable them keep their businesses afloat. Amongst those that eventually succeed, many cannot grow because they lack the necessary capital at the right moments to expand. At KCMB Microfinance, we are driven by our desire to enhance the entrepreneurial potentials of small and medium business through best practices. We provide soft facilities for businesses and individuals to help them achieve their dreams. Our major target is the active poor who cannot access loans from commercial Banks because the nature of their transactions are considered risky, and too small for the size.

Our loan facilities include:

  • Halaal Loan (Group Loan):
  • Group and Association Loan (conventional)
  • Individual Microloan
  • Small Business Loan
  • Agricultural Loan
  • Payplus Loan
  • Daily Micro Loan (Esusu/Ajo Loan)
  • Kpower Salary Advance and Staff Micro Loan
  • Motor Cycle and Assets Finance Loan:
  • KCMB L.P.O Financing Loan
  • KCMB Festivity Loan

KCMB Halaal product range extends to our grassroots customers, especially petty and micro-traders the dividend of microfinance services. The underlying principle is to get funds closer and accessible to this active poor in our society through group lending methodology. 

KCMB offers the opportunity for Groups and Association Members access loans from the bank and benefit from clusters and group guaranty. Group/Association members are appraised individually and granted loans on individual merits for a variety of business needs including working capital or business assets acquisition. This loan targets petty traders and artisans in associations.

KCMB microloan is a loan product designed for traders, artisans and cottage industries to meet varieties of needs – working capital, or business assets acquisition.

This is a commercial loan product designed to enable business customers’ access to loans to finance a variety of business needs like working capital, project or business assets acquisition.

KCMB Agric loan enables individual farmers and organizations involved in agric businesses access loans for a variety of uses.

KCMB Payplus loan product is a fast way to access cash to meet unexpected expenses for salaried workers and civil servants. Obtain salary advance up to 50% of monthly take home and or pick a loan of not more than 33% of Staff Annual Net Salary.

KCMB Daily Micro Loan is a product designed specially for Thrift (Ajo/Esusu) collectors for them to have easy access to funds that is needed to lend out to their various customers especially at the beginning of the month with repayment targeted for month end.

The Kpower salary advance and staff micro loan is designed for staffs of business organizations and companies who want their staff to have access to other funds aside their salaries. Such companies must be registered with the concerned government bodies and their staffs must have a certified engagement letter from the organization.

KCMB Assets Finance Loan is purely meant for those that want to acquire business assets like Okada, Grinding Machines, Hair Dryers, Freezers, Generators, Hair Clippers, Cars and buses for commercial use, etc to increase or expand their businesses and coverage areas or opening other branches. Associations or individuals are allowed to apply for this products.

KCMB L.P.O Loan product is designed to meet the urgent financial needs of Local Contractors and Suppliers who might need additional funds toad to their working capital in order to meet up with the execution of a project or contract.

This is a loan product that is specially designed to meet the quick financial needs of our existing customers who wants to benefit from the bountiful financial harvest that is attached to any festivity. It also serves as a bailout for those that want to celebrate their weddings or pay for children’s school fees. Such Customers must have been operating an account with the bank before such time for the festival or occasion such as Ramadan, Ileya,Easter Christmas, Eyo,Children’s Day, etc.

Please feel free to walk into any of our branches and get advice on possible packages that can benefit you today.

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