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At KCMB Microfinance Bank, we offer excellent Savings Products designed to help you prepare for the rainy day as well as help you save money towards a future project. We offer excellent rates on our Savings Products. 

  • Target Savings
  • KCMB Current Accounts- Individuals/Corporate
  • Ksave Group/Association & Corporate
  • K-Save Children
  • Fixed Deposit and Investment Account

A savings scheme that allows customers to save a fixed amount daily, weekly or monthly for a minimum period of four (4) months toward projects such as marriage, graduation, school fees etc. Advantage includes high yield interest rate: 2% on KCMB savings rate

This savings product can also be called Esusu or daily savings; this is more of the contemporary way of making daily contributions, which accrue interest, moving away from the alajo system of customer paying charges for making contribution.

This is a type of saving, which allow Individual or corporate entities

This is a group savings product, design for three or more people; it allows association access to save keep of their group savings. It’s a replica of a corporative savings.

An educational savings plan designed to secure your children’s foundation and provide adequate funding for various needs. Benefits of low opening balance of #1,000.

A product account aimed at offering convenient, simple, yet secure means by which customers can invest or fix funds for 30 days and above to attract higher returns and build wealth.

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Core Products

  • K-Save Savings Product
  • KCMB Current Account
  • KCMB Term Deposit
  • KCMB Investment Product
  • K-Save Corporate/Group Account
  • K-Save Children Account
  • KCMB Pilgrimage Account


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Head Office: No. 159 Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Owoniboys Building, Ilorin, Kwara State

Telepohone:(+234)0908-262-3875, (+234)0805-671-0641

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